Warranty FedEx Return Label Request By Email
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Warranty FedEx Return Label Request By Email

Price: $99.00
  • Item #: Warranty
  • Manufacturer: RPM MOTORSPORT LTD.
  • Condition: Refurbished
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Please note that our Warranty comes with a 1 year, 2 Year or 3 Years Warranty protection (Depending on the Warranty Coverage you chose on the date of purchse). The Warranty also covers parts and labor. Our Warranty does Not cover Shipping costs either way, does Not cover burnt ECU's, Short Circuit ECU's nor Flooded ECU's. There is a fixed deductible fee of $99 when a Warranty Request is claimed after 30 days after date of purchase. You Get one ECU Replacement within a Claim (If Applicable) so please diagnose your car carefully, get a 2nd opinion and Use this claim wisely.


Please fill out your Order No. if you have done the order on our Online store. The Best way to find your Order No. would be in Your Email Inbox with a Subject of " New Order Notice : Order No. #0000001281 " (This is just an example of your order and Not your Actual Order) so only search for New Order Notice in your Email Inbox search bar.


Same goes with PayPal it is also located in your Email inbox, and serch for " You’ve received an Invoice (XXXX) From RPM MOTORSPORT LTD. " The XXXx should be your 4 digit PayPal Invoice Number.



If you have any concerns on looking up your order number please email shipping@rpmmotorsport.net or call us at 1(888)212 4073 Press 3 or ext 335 to reach the shipping department and ask the representative that you want to look up your Order No. by your First, Last name or email address






Toll Free 1-888-212-4073



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